Families are the soil from which children grow.

Our mission is to provide the best child/adolescent/family practice possible. To accomplish this we are guided by the following professional beliefs:

Families are the soil from which children/adolescents grow.

We seek to understand how family members relate to each other.  There is a strong two-way influence between family interactions and how children and adolescents develop.

We are an evidence-based practice.

This means we know and use treatments that are proven through research to yield the most effective outcomes in the shortest period of time. When we finish our work together, you will have learned specific skills to use on your own.

Positive focus is everything.

Symptoms surface when development goes awry.  Rather than only focusing on what is wrong, it is important to focus on what needs to be right and how to make that happen in your child’s/adolescent’s smaller world.  With this approach, development gets back on track and problems subside.

You will feel respected.

Parents will feel a strong alliance with us as we work with your child and family.

Children and families are always in development.

Just as children are growing, parents and families are too.  We seek to understand how this all fits together for you.

We make sure there are no missing links.

As specialists whose job it is to know children and adolescents inside and out, it is our job to look at the total picture. Sometimes we identify needs that call for other highly trained specialists.  It’s our job to make those observations and professional recommendations for you.