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Dr. Tompkins is a licensed clinical psychologist and specializes in working with children, adolescents and their families, and women. Parents come to her out of concern for their child’s behavior and well-being and seek understanding and direction on how to help their child and family move forward. Dr. Tompkins also specializes in working women experiencing difficulty in any aspect of the journey toward and through motherhood including fertility, fetal loss, postpartum anxiety and depression, and launching of children.

Dr. Tompkins received her doctorate from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She trained at Mt. Sinai Hospital Department of Child Psychiatry and North Central Behavioral Health Systems where she later became the Clinical Training Director for a staff of 200+ mental health professionals. Dr. Tompkins recruited, trained and supervised graduate and post graduate psychologists at Linden Oaks Hospital where she was on staff. While a member of the Edward Hospital staff, she became certified as a Maternal Mental Health Specialist and assisted in the development of a comprehensive postpartum screening and mental health service delivery system from pregnancy through the first year postpartum for the Naperville area. Dr. Tompkins is also a Gottman trained therapist for her work with couples and she has presented to both professionals and general public on issues regrading family mental health and perinatal mood/anxiety disorders.

Dr. Tompkins founded Tompkins and Associates out of her firm belief in the importance of families as that which influences and holds us through our development over time. Whether working with children and parents or women struggling with moving through their journey to motherhood, she uses evidence based treatments coupled with compassion and clear understanding of what is essential to foster growth and move forward.

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Denise Legacki Tompkins, Psy.D.
Phone: (630) 717-5911 – option 0

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