Naperville Psychologists

That Work with Educators

High school students and teacher.

Dr. Anna Hammond provides a wide range of services to local school district personnel including psycho-social assessment for IEP evaluation and development, safety evaluations for students re-entering the school after a safety concern, and professional development for school staff on various topics in mental health. Dr. Hammond’s role as the Lead Clinical Psychologist in a local Therapeutic Day School gives her a unique understanding of the intersection between mental health and education.

In the past, Dr. Hammond has spoken to school staff and educators at school staff meetings, district wide in-services, county Institute Days, and state association meetings.  Topics range from school avoidance and anxiety to suicide awareness and prevention, ADHD classroom interventions, and classroom management strategies to build supportive relationships with students.

Psycho-social assessment of students can be a challenging task when negotiating the various interests of educators, parents, and students.  With a student first approach, Dr. Hammond conducts these assessments and makes recommendations that bridge the gap between a student’s current functioning and their potential.

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