Counseling Individuals in Young Adulthood – The Launching Years

Making the leap from adolescent to young adult is an exciting phase of life. This is the time to reap the rewards of education, persistence, work ethic, and social relationships. Additionally, it is a time to solidify identity and make choices that will shape your adult life.

For many young adults, this can also be a time of significant anxiety that can result in over-dependence on family and delay the onset of independence. Well meaning parents and families often attempt to support and help their young adult but end up limiting opportunities for young adults to learn from struggles and tap into grit. When prevented from developing their own adaptive skills, young adults are at increased risk of subsequent interpersonal difficulty, anxiety, depression, and high risk behaviors.

We provide the right balance between supporting young adults and developing their self-awareness and decision-making skills as they take steps toward independence. Families are critical in this process and coaching parents on how to step back is often a necessary component of treatment.

On your initial appointment, you can expect to meet with a highly skilled psychologist who will ask you to describe your journey through adolescences and young adulthood and listen without judgment for the areas that are most challenging. Together we will identify your treatment goals.

Using an Acceptance and Commitment Treatment (ACT) model of treatment in combination with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), you can expect to learn skills that will help you navigate the confusing and dynamic world of early adulthood while you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your strengths, and your path in the world. You will begin to gain self-confidence.


Dr. Anna Hammond specializes in working with young adults between the ages of 18 and 30, who are struggling with the transition to adulthood. Otherwise known as a “failure to launch”, these young adults struggle to achieve independence from parents personally, financially, academically, socially, or professionally.

Over the past 10 years, Dr. Hammond has worked with these transitioning young adults in the AMITA GlenOaks Transition Program where she knows firsthand the challenges and requirements involved to successfully launch. She uses a results oriented approach including a through assessment and ACT based therapy. Furthermore, Dr. Hammond is well-versed in assisting young adults and their families in securing community and/or university supports.

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