Adolescence is a time of explosive social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth.  Adolescents struggle to establish a unique identity, while also trying to fit in and be a part of a larger social group at the same time.  They attempt to separate from parents and move independently toward the adult world. Limit setting, trust, and making choices can be an overwhelming process for everyone. Frustration and anxiety often arise as families struggle with the challenge of letting go while emotionally holding on.

When challenges arise, adolescents may not feel comfortable turning to parents for help as they are the people from whom they are naturally trying to separate. Often adolescents want to sort through these problems alone, resulting in depression, anxiety, poor choices and loss of self-esteem. As much as parents see their child struggle and want to help, they feel as they don’t know where to start.

Our goal is to work closely with your adolescent, helping him or her to think through situations and see things in a healthier light.  Because working with an adolescent comes with unique developmental challenges, a greater degree of confidentiality is required. In fact, Illinois State Law mandates that children age 12 and over are entitled to the same degree of privilege and confidentiality as that of an adult. While respecting these boundaries, we also try to keep parents generally informed. When possible, we encourage direct communication between you and your adolescent and coach both to see through the emotion to express what is important.