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It often surprises parents who come to us with concerns about their child that the first session is without the child present. This allows us to learn about the family and the adult concerns before meeting the child.

Our approach of involving the parents continues throughout treatment. This follows from one of our basic principles – there is a strong two-way influence between family interactions and how children develop.

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It has never really been easy to be a teenager. The separation from parents is challenging, the push and pull of independence and dependence. In our hyper-connected world of smart phones and social media, the challenges of the adolescent years seem amplified.

We understand the development of the adolescent and can provide a safe and comforting environment for sharing and support. Read more about how we can help during the challenging adolescent years.

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We understand that young adults, particularly in our modern times with so much seismic cultural shift happening, can struggle to find their place in the adult world.

We have a deep understanding of this particular stage of life and can work with young adults to find their place and establish a foundation for adulthood. Often overlooked is the need to also work with parents, at times, in an attempt to coach them through their fear of letting go.

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Pregnancy and giving birth is transformative.  Studies show that 80% percent of women have a positive experience. Gradually these women adjust to the new physical and emotional demands of motherhood.  Slowly life takes on a new normal as mother and baby adjust. 

For 20% of women, it’s not that way at all. These women find themselves on an emotional journey they never expected.  Not feeling like themselves, they move through the pregnancy and/or postpartum experience feeling increasingly overwhelmed and exhausted. We are here to help, keep reading to learn more.

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Women take on multiple roles through their life – daughter, sister, mother, friend, partner – and often feel intense pressure to perform all of these roles perfectly. Add to that the stress of working outside the home and many women feel completely maxed out. The pattern of do more, do better and keep it going leads to women feeling anxious and depressed.

We work with women using best-practice treatments. At the core of our work, we always have belief in the paradox that to feel more in control and empowered, we need to let some of it go. Often this starts with focusing on what we can control and beginning to recognize our own value. Sometimes by changing how we see ourselves, we change how we relate to what is around us.

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