Clinical Psychologists Specializing
in Work with Children and Their Parents,
Adolescents and Young Adults, and Women Across the Lifespan.

We believe Families are the Soil from which We All Grow.

We are in collaboration with Lurie Children’s Hospital to be a treatment site in a nationally funded research study to treat Childhood Anxiety (PCAY).

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Children and Parents

You have real concerns for your child and need a safe place to discuss them. You need an expert in child development. We help you understand the issues, the underlying causes and contributing factors. We develop a collaborative plan to make things right again.

We have a unique three step process. We work closely with the child AND the parents, collaborating throughout the entire process. This approach allows the child and parent to develop skills and feel the confidence to manage and resolve the concerns brought to treatment.

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Adolescents and Young Adults

You are noticing some concerning changes in your teen’s mood and behavior.  You are worried and not sure what to do.

We provide a thoughtful, safe space for your teen since we know adolescent development inside and out. We strive to build bridges between teens and parents on the journey to independence.

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We also work with young adults who are struggling to successfully launch

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Women and the Journey of Motherhood

You are so good at taking care of others, taking care of business, taking care of the next crisis. Have you lost sight of taking care of yourself?  Do you have a pattern of do more, do better, keep going? Have feelings of burnout, depression and worry become your constant companions?

We are dedicated to working with women in all stages of their lives. We understand all facets of a woman’s development.

We also have a special focus on women facing postpartum depression and/or anxiety, difficult pregnancy, fertility issues, miscarriage, difficult birth and fetal loss

We have experience working with women at all ages across the lifespan

About Us

Get to know Tompkins & Associates


Tompkins and Associates is a practice consisting of clinical psychologists who specialize in working with children, adolescents, young adults and their families. Additionally, our practice specializes in working with women who are pregnant, postpartum women suffering from anxiety or depression and couples struggling with fertility issues.

Not only do our providers use the latest research based methods for best-practices coupled with supportive therapy, they also hold leadership positions and are well-respected within their areas of expertise.

Our Team

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Our Philosophy

Our mission is to be the best choice for children and families, adolescents and young adults, and women
looking for behavioral and mental health care in the Naperville area.
To accomplish this we are guided by a clear set of professional beliefs.

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