Naperville Psychologists Helping Women

Happy woman enjoying in the natureAdult women often define themselves through their roles as daughter, sister, mother, girlfriend, partner and wife. Many women feel unsuccessful in these roles or guilty for wanting more. The added stress of work both at the office and at home often leads women to feel maxed out. Spread thin through multiple demands many feel as if they have done nothing right. Women struggle to value themselves for what they do and who they are.

The key to combating depression and anxiety is through the use of supportive therapy coupled with evidence-based treatments – treatments that are established through research as most successful. In addition to these approaches, so much more is captured and gains made when a woman’s problems are understood within the unique narrative of her relationships, dreams and demands.  At Tompkins and Associates, we work to empower women to feel and become more effective and in control of their lives and relationships.



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